A true Georgia Peach, The Blonde Bonder does Bulldogs, Bail Bonds and Rhinestones!


Savannah, GA



Born and raised in Georgia, the Blonde Bonder has been working in the bail bonding business for 20 years.  But don't let her tough veneer fool you!  Meia is in LOVE with designer clothes, rhinestone EVERYTHING, and her three Georgia bulldogs. 


Inspired by her Travels to Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and Palm Beach the Blonde Bonder wants to share some of her glitz and glam!


100% bonder approved


Every piece on theblondebonder.com is designed by Meia herself, who wears as many hats in her business as she has to the Kentucky Derby!  Her Iconic "JAIL SUX!" t-shirt draws inspiration from her infamous Escalade's personalized license plate. And what tagline could be more appropriate for a woman who made her millions bail bonding?


Her four bulldogs also serve as constant inspiration, and we offer accessories for you AND the fabulous pooch in your life! Not only does Meia want you to be glamorous, she wants your furry family looking their best too!

Sourced from local and international artisans, each of the pieces on theblondebonder.com are custom designed and assembled in Meia's home state of Georgia.