Paris Hilton’s ENGAGEMENT RING!!!

Paris Hilton recently announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Chris Zylka... I only have one question when I hear someone is engage; How big is the ring?!  In Paris' case, its big...


The diamond is a beautiful pear cut, weighing in at a little over 20 carats set in platinum. The ring, modeled after Hilton's mother's own ring is estimated at over 2 million dollars... I wonder who footed the bill for that one!

All this diamond talk has me reminiscing over some of the beautiful celebrity jewels of yesteryear.

The First stunner belonged to Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, who married Prince Ranier III.  Belonging to one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood, this ring needed to be as beautiful as the bride, and it succeeded!  Weighing in at 10.47 carats, the Cartier diamond was emerald cut with baguette stones set on the flanks.  Today, the ring is valued at $4.06 million. 


Second on the list is one of the many engagement rings of Elizabeth Taylor.  Known as the Krupp Diamond, this massive stone was Taylors favorite.  Given to her by Richard Burton, this huge stone weighs 33.19 carats, and was cut with a vintage archer cut, and flanked with two baguette diamonds.  Purchased by Burton at auction for $300,000 today the ring is valued at nearly 9 million dollars!


The third and final bauble on our list was also owned by Elizabeth Taylor.  Given to her by then husband Richard Burton.  This absolutely massive stone weighed 68 carats, and was originally set in a ring.  After receiving the jewel, Taylor had the stone reset in a necklace saying "Even for me it's too big" as a ring!  Taylor's insurance company only allowed the piece to be worn 10 days out of the year, and only while supervised by four armed guards!


Eat your heart out Paris!!!!!