The Skinny on Diets and Healthy Living

Walking in the gym to meet up with my trainer, Terry. 

Walking in the gym to meet up with my trainer, Terry. 

     I’ve never been a gym bunny... the idea of going to a building everyday to sweat and grunt while lifting weights has never appealed to me. And until recently, I felt fine getting the occasional walk in and controlling me weight through dieting. My 50’s changed that though. Gone are the days of starving before a big event, and my energy levels are lower and sits harder to loose weight now. Frustrated, I finally decided to enlist some professional help, and got the number of my hairstylists trainer. Uncertain and a little intimidated, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I called and set up an appointment. I met Terry the next morning, and boy was I impressed! Terry has been training Army Rangers and bodybuilding for the last ten years, and teaches nutrition classes as well.  Did I mention she is 75 and looks 35?!?! After our first meeting, I was so excited to get started and share my journey into this uncharted territory... We have been working together a short while and I love it!  Here is what I’ve learned so far. 

Photo op with the punching bag

Photo op with the punching bag

      “Diets” and miracle weight loss don’t work. Or, they work by forcing you to starve yourself. You lose some weight early on, but you gain it back once you quit “dieting”. Not to mention that you feel terrible while on them; you’re hungry, you have no energy and you feel like crap!  I’ve tried every new diet and fad, and it’s all the same. Promises that do not follow through. Just like all things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Diet pills, weight loss wraps, cavitation, sweat saunas, you name it, I’ve tried it. As it turns out, the only way to lose weight and feel great is through healthy lifestyle diet changes (Not starvation “Diets”) and exercise!

      Exercise and weight lifting is actually fun!  Who knew I could be having such a good time in he gym!  Having a trainer has made a big difference, she keeps me focused and motivated, but I also enjoy learning about my body and how to use it differently. I feel like I’m meeting a friend every morning and actually look forward to my workots. Terry watches my form and encourages me to push through any discomfort. We are weight training 5 days a week and I’m walking in the afternoons for cardio.  Already I’ve noticed changes in my body, but Terry reminds me that changes are gradual, and that putting in the time is essential. No magic pill or secrets, consistently making smart food and exercise choices is the only way!

      Everything I thought I knew about Diets was wrong. The secret to a beautiful body is not by starving yourself!  When you’re working out, especially weight training, you have to eat. I’m wearing allot more protein to feed my muscles, I’ve eliminated simple carbohydrates (no sugar or starch) and I keep my fat intake low. I’m cooking and meal prepping now, and I’m not going hungry!  The meal plan is simple: I don’t eat processed food, and I focus on eating protein (lots of chicken) and vegetables. This way, I have fuel for my bodies needs, and I’m not spending time counting calories or points, and I feel great!

     I’m just getting started 0n my fitness journey, and I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress as well as any frustrations and challenges I encounter. I’m approaching this with a new mindset, and I’m excited for results unlike those I’ve had in the past. Check back here for updates and details on my diet and workout regime, as well as more videos of Terry and myself working up a sweat! Comment below on your own health challenges and successes. 



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Zsa Zsa Gabor: Style and Architecture Inspiration


In a media climate where the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have made millions for being famous, it’s important to pay homage to the original socialite, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I have always been enchanted by the Gabor sisters, and especially Zsa Zsa.  Known for her opulent taste and twitter worthy quips, I have idolized her style and opulent homes.  Known for wearing Haute Couture, and residing in the prestigious Bel Air neighborhood, Gabor knew how to live in style!

Born in Budapest, Hungary to Jewish parents Gabor won the title of Ms. Hungary in 1936.  Discovered by a talent hunter in 1940, Gabor was persuaded to move to the US in 1941.  Her two sisters and parents followed shortly after, in part due to the Nazi occupation of Budapest in 1944.  

Her career in the US started with her novella “Every Man for Himself” which was later purchased by a US magazine. She then starred in various feature films, most famously “Moulin Rouge” in 1952 and Orson Wells “Touch of Evil” in 1958.


Zsa Zsa playing Jane Avril in the 1953 film “Moulin Rouge”

Zsa Zsa playing Jane Avril in the 1953 film “Moulin Rouge”

Gabor playing a strip club owner in “Touch of Evil” 1958

Gabor playing a strip club owner in “Touch of Evil” 1958

Gabor continued to take minor roles in Hollywood, but garnered the most fame for her lifestyle, unapologetic personality and marriages to wealthy men.

Gabor reflected jokingly on her many marriages saying;

                   “I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house”.  

Known for her endless pursuit of love, Zsa Zsa was married nine times. But don’t let this number fool you, Zsa Zsa was no gold digger saying.

                   “I pay all my own bills... I want to choose the man. I do not permit men to choose me... I           

                    have always been the kind of woman who could never be satisfied by money- only 

                     excitement and achievement.” 

In this respect, I couldn’t agree more.  The Blonde Bonder pays ALL of her own bills, and money alone has never been enough for me!   

Much like myself, Gabor was never one to be bullied by the law... She famously slapped a police officer after a traffic stop in 1989 before fleeing the scene.  She was later apprehended in her Rolls Royce and charged with driving without a license and having an open container (a flask of Jack Daniels).  I believe in supporting our police force, but I can certainly think of an officer who should never had a badge that  I would like to slap across the face!  Better to slap them with a lawsuit I suppose...

Zsa Zsa’s estate in Bel Air has long been a thing of inspiration for me, so much so that on a trip to LA, I convinced her guard to open the gate!  With a shot of adrenaline, I zoomed down the drive!  I was able to see her beautiful French Regency Villa, and for a brief second Zsa Zsa peeked out the front door to check out the commotion! I was starstruck, but had to leave immediately!  

The home is situated on over an acre and was originally built by Howard Hughes, aviation and film tycoon.



Painted an iconic lemon yellow, the mansion features a unique French style copper roof.  Interestingly, Gabor had two toilets nestled in the foliage at the side of her estate... Explicitly for the purpose of “annoying her neighbors”! The rest of the grounds are landscaped in a more traditional LA style.  


The property features a lavish pool and 26 rooms that include six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 


Situated on an acre estate, the 9,000 sq ft mansion features vistas of downtown Los Angeles. 


Inside, her abode is adorned with crown molding and original plaster work. Internal columns and floor to ceiling windows create a grand feel, and a guilt Steinway paino from Gabor ‘s third husband sits in the main living space.


An original black and white checkered marble floor continues the Hollywood Regency theme that the property is known for. 


Gabor’s expansive dining room table has seen the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Frank Sinatra... What an eclectic Guest list!  Gabor purchased the estate from Rock Legend Elvis Presley’s in 1974 for the meager sum of $280,000.


Following years of her health problems, Gabors longest and final husband struck a deal with a real estate mogul to sell the property for $12,000,000... Her husband alleged monthly upkeep costs at $35,000 and worked out a deal with the buyer that allowed he and Gabor to remain in the residence until her death.  Gabor died at 99 in 2016, and her surviving husband moved from the residence shortly after.

What a glamorous life!



Dinner and drinks at Mar-a-Lago


I'm so excited to share with you the WONDERFUL, once in a lifetime trip I just took to attend a charity event at Mar-a-Lago!

Just a few short weeks ago I was enjoying dinner and cocktails at Donald Trumps Palm Beach estate.  As you can see the grounds and residence are beautiful.


Before I tell you about my magic evening at Mar-a-Lago, let me first share some history. Originally built in 1927 by Marjorie Merriweather Post, the socialite gave the 65,000 sq ft mansion to the National Parks Service as a "Winter White House".  Donald Trump purchased the estate in 1985 after the Park Service returned it to the Post family.  


Ironically, fast forward to 2018 and the Mar-a-Lago estate has become the "Winter White House" it had originally been intended for!  The Mansion is the 2nd largest in Florida and the 20th largest in the U.S.  Since Trumps inauguration


he has hosted multiple foreign officials including the president of Japan and China.  The decision to strike a Syrian airfield was even made within the walls of Mar-a-Lago.


My Evening at the estate began around 5:30 in the evening.  I had my two friends, Pam and Jackie as well as my hairstylist with me.  The four of us had to be checked by secret service which was nerve wracking but also exciting somehow. 


We were then escorted through the residence (which was beautiful!) to the Ballroom.  The event we were attending is called Safari Nights benefiting Young Adventurers, a charity for youth to inspire them to strive for more and succeed. The tables had beautiful centerpieces with bamboo and flowers to fit the theme!  


The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur, I met Elizabeth Trump which was incredible!  She is so sweet and has an amazing NY accent!  For entertainment they had live artwork by an artist who painted to rock music.  

Here finishing dinner with my friend Pam Chance!

Here finishing dinner with my friend Pam Chance!

Dinner was several courses and for entrees we had fillet mignon and chilean sea bass!

Posing here with Elizabeth Trump!

Posing here with Elizabeth Trump!

All in all, it was a magical evening that I will remember for a lifetime!  Can't wait to come back for the next event and see the new friends I made again!!



Sparkling Resolutions for the New Year!


Happy New Year!  Isn’t this the time of year we all decide what we for the coming 12 months?  


Well the Blonde Bonder has a few sparkling tricks up her sleeves for 2018!

I’ve been so inspired by some of the Swarovski shops, Judith Leibermamns evening bags, and a clutch I recently bought at the Reagan Presidential Library...

I’ve decided that in 2018 Ill be dedicating more time to my blog, Store and New Accessories designs...  

Check out some of the color swatches and clutch shapes I’m reviewing before I have my NEW GLITZ CLUTCHES available for purchase at!


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New Years Eve Celebrations!

What a year it has been!

Honestly I can’t believe 2017 is already coming to a close... I’m so eager to get the new projects I’ve been working on off the ground I didn’t even realize December was near its end!

This New Years Eve I changed outfits more than once!  I was just so excited to show you some of my new threads I couldn’t help myself!


I started out the night in an all sequined long sleeve minidress by Marciano.  All those big dangling sequins remind me of a disco ball, loving the platinum vibes!


I picked this up at the Marciano boutique in Vegas last week, I didn’t try anything on and it has all been perfect! I decided to go for a futuristic look and wear thigh high silver boots for early New Years Eve!  


I love being able to mix high fashion items with less expensive pieces sometimes, and trendy pieces like metallic silver boots are perfect to get from forever 21!   


I picked these up for next to nothing and I think they look Uber chic and cool!


I decided to wear a Holliday red lipstick that looks expensive and modern next to the reflective silver.  

For my evening festivities I changed into another dress I picked up from Marciano, this one a burnout crushed velvet in a beautiful raspberry color.  I am always drawn to color and I love flattering this fabric is!

To reign in the new year I love a beautiful dry martini... Just like Mr. Sinatra!   And of course the more green olives the better!


For the final countdown I changed one final time, again in a metallic long sleeve minidress... I love how this 60’s and 70’s studio 54 style is coming en vogue, do you agree?


I decided to change my lipstick to a more playful pink.  Although I love red lips, I think this pink is more fun for the new year and the 60’s minidress!


for the final countdown I got a little theatrical for photos and pretended to pop the bottle with my teeth... the Blonde Bonder is here to get the job done!




Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  


In regular Blonde Bonder fashion, I’m writing bonds all day for Christmas... I don’t mind though, someone hs to get your loved ones out of jail!

Truth be known, the Blonde Bonder has shoes to buy, and I don’t mind working the holidays so my employees can spend theirs at home... Now listen to what Mrs. Claus bought for herself Christmas!


In Vegas I bought some presents at the Giuseppe Zannotti store that I haven’t shared on here yet!  I got two new clutches, one a signature black cross body and the other an envelope style with a zipper in platinum with a gold logo.  Keep an eye open for my Vegas Haul post for pictures and details.


 I also saw so many beautiful Swarovski designs that I am in love with, as well as the Judith Lieberman rhinestone bags for sale...

I think for the New Year Mrs. Claus will design something just as dazzling for my followers!


That pretty much sums up my Christmas this year, “work hard to buy more shoes!”


Sweet Gypsys wishes Y’all a very Merry Christmas, she’s having gizzard for dinner!

Lazy, Vegas Morning...

It’s far more than a full-time job being the Blonde Bonder, so I don’t have to tell you I don’t get much time to lie around in my pajamas... that is why I decided to relax and reminisce in my room at the Wynn on my last morning in Vegas... I watched the strip in my robe, thoughts of the last few days turning summersaults in my mind.


 Eventually I settled in with some music and of course, the national enquirer and vogue!

I find allot my fashion and style inspiration on the pages of gossip rags! Not to mention where to eat and have cocktails my next trip to Beverly Hills! I did allot of shopping out in Vegas, a few pair of new red bottom shoes, and those adorable Sophia Webster butterfly pumps!

I also ventured into forever 21 while I was in the Fashoion Mall across from the Wynn... I rarely venture into the fast-fashion retailers, and I was shocked how many beautiful things they had!

Im wearing a nude rhinestoned leotard under my robe, and the sheer black dress is also from forever 21!  You can also see a peek of my new Prada sandals sitting on the table in front of me!


I’m inspired and ready to return to the office and catch some crooks who jumped bond!  I have to admit, as incredible as my desert adventures have been, I am missing my babies Gypsy and Ruby!