New Years Eve Celebrations!

What a year it has been!

Honestly I can’t believe 2017 is already coming to a close... I’m so eager to get the new projects I’ve been working on off the ground I didn’t even realize December was near its end!

This New Years Eve I changed outfits more than once!  I was just so excited to show you some of my new threads I couldn’t help myself!


I started out the night in an all sequined long sleeve minidress by Marciano.  All those big dangling sequins remind me of a disco ball, loving the platinum vibes!


I picked this up at the Marciano boutique in Vegas last week, I didn’t try anything on and it has all been perfect! I decided to go for a futuristic look and wear thigh high silver boots for early New Years Eve!  


I love being able to mix high fashion items with less expensive pieces sometimes, and trendy pieces like metallic silver boots are perfect to get from forever 21!   


I picked these up for next to nothing and I think they look Uber chic and cool!


I decided to wear a Holliday red lipstick that looks expensive and modern next to the reflective silver.  

For my evening festivities I changed into another dress I picked up from Marciano, this one a burnout crushed velvet in a beautiful raspberry color.  I am always drawn to color and I love flattering this fabric is!

To reign in the new year I love a beautiful dry martini... Just like Mr. Sinatra!   And of course the more green olives the better!


For the final countdown I changed one final time, again in a metallic long sleeve minidress... I love how this 60’s and 70’s studio 54 style is coming en vogue, do you agree?


I decided to change my lipstick to a more playful pink.  Although I love red lips, I think this pink is more fun for the new year and the 60’s minidress!


for the final countdown I got a little theatrical for photos and pretended to pop the bottle with my teeth... the Blonde Bonder is here to get the job done!