Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  


In regular Blonde Bonder fashion, I’m writing bonds all day for Christmas... I don’t mind though, someone hs to get your loved ones out of jail!

Truth be known, the Blonde Bonder has shoes to buy, and I don’t mind working the holidays so my employees can spend theirs at home... Now listen to what Mrs. Claus bought for herself Christmas!


In Vegas I bought some presents at the Giuseppe Zannotti store that I haven’t shared on here yet!  I got two new clutches, one a signature black cross body and the other an envelope style with a zipper in platinum with a gold logo.  Keep an eye open for my Vegas Haul post for pictures and details.


 I also saw so many beautiful Swarovski designs that I am in love with, as well as the Judith Lieberman rhinestone bags for sale...

I think for the New Year Mrs. Claus will design something just as dazzling for my followers!


That pretty much sums up my Christmas this year, “work hard to buy more shoes!”


Sweet Gypsys wishes Y’all a very Merry Christmas, she’s having gizzard for dinner!