Lazy, Vegas Morning...

It’s far more than a full-time job being the Blonde Bonder, so I don’t have to tell you I don’t get much time to lie around in my pajamas... that is why I decided to relax and reminisce in my room at the Wynn on my last morning in Vegas... I watched the strip in my robe, thoughts of the last few days turning summersaults in my mind.


 Eventually I settled in with some music and of course, the national enquirer and vogue!

I find allot my fashion and style inspiration on the pages of gossip rags! Not to mention where to eat and have cocktails my next trip to Beverly Hills! I did allot of shopping out in Vegas, a few pair of new red bottom shoes, and those adorable Sophia Webster butterfly pumps!

I also ventured into forever 21 while I was in the Fashoion Mall across from the Wynn... I rarely venture into the fast-fashion retailers, and I was shocked how many beautiful things they had!

Im wearing a nude rhinestoned leotard under my robe, and the sheer black dress is also from forever 21!  You can also see a peek of my new Prada sandals sitting on the table in front of me!


I’m inspired and ready to return to the office and catch some crooks who jumped bond!  I have to admit, as incredible as my desert adventures have been, I am missing my babies Gypsy and Ruby!