Las Vegas, my Oasis!

All work and no play makes the Blonde Bonder a dull girl! 

I’ve been busy this Holiday season; writing bonds, working on my new website and online store, and tracking down criminals. It takes allot to fund THIS Blonde Life, and after awhile you can feel burnt out.


That’s why I decided to take a (quick) break before Christmas and caught a flight to Vegas.  I’ve always been in love with those blinking lights in the middle of the desert, and I’m looking forward to a couple of days rest and entertainment. 

The Vegas vista flying in.  

The Vegas vista flying in.  

While I’m in Vegas I’ll be seeing the country music legends Alabama, as well as celebrating Mr. Sinatra’s 102nd birthday at his namesake restaurant. 

OH! I nearly forgot... I’ll probably find some time to do a little shopping!  

-Xoxo BB