Welcome to the Blonde Life

“Cock your hat - angles are attitudes.”

                    -Frank Sinatra


Im so excited you made it to the online home of the Blonde Bonder, and I can’t wait to share the things that inspire me; red bottom shoes, hair bleach and big white mansions. You’ll get to know ALL about Rubies and Gypsy, my English bulldog that travel around the world by my side. 

But before that, let me give you introduce myself. I’m Meia Joiner and I’m a proud Southern Belle from Butts, Georgia.  I own a Bail Bonding company, and don’t let my blonde hair fool you, I’m no dummy ... when push comes to shove I’ll track down a criminal trying to skip bond and take my shoe money! 



I’ve learned that you create your own destiny, and I’ve created mine.  Inspiring others to pursue their best life is what I hope to do here. If you want a slice of my Blonde Life, subscribe and stay up to date. After all, don’t blondes have more fun?